Copyrights and Trademarks

Well, there are really two aspects to a copyright page these days, right?  First, copyright notice to you, the viewer (and thanks for viewing!) about us owning the copyright to this page.  Second, in the event you are a copyright holder and you see something on this site which you believe to violate your copyright, contact information to contact us to sort it all out.

First, about this website,  This website, and all the material contained herein, including the organization of such material, are copyright Brian Johnson 2011.  All of the fictional characters contained on this web site, including but not necessarily limited to Eta Carinae, V838 Monocertois, Magnetic Monopole, Malcolm Johnson and Serenity Johnson, and their nicknames, and their visual depictions, are all copyright Brian Johnson 2011.  You can contact Brian Johnson through the contact us page.

While we’re at it, Quantum Spin Doctors,, Eta Carinae, Eta, V838 Monocerotis, V838 Mon, V838, V8, Magnetic Monopole, M. Monopole, Monopoly, M&M, MM, Malcolm Johnson and Serenity Johnson are all trademarks and/or services marks of Brian Johnson and as such relate to the characters themselves (so, no, I’m not claiming trademark rights on the words “Monopoly” or “M&M”…somebody else already has those; but we are claiming trademark rights as such relate to the products, services and contents of this site, so there!).


First of all, sorry about that!  It’s not our intent to use anybody’s materials without their permission.  Most, if not all, of the stuff on our site is either in the public domain (such as the voluminous stuff from NASA…thank you, NASA!) or comes from stock photo sites (which, yes, we pay for).

But if something is on here that is yours, and you wish to notify us of your copyright claim, please do so via the contact us form.  We will address all such claims as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience!