Magnetic Monopole

Name: Magnetic Monopole

Nickname:  M. Monopole



Nickname:  M&M

Nickname:  MM

Status:  Pet extraordinaire

Favorite sayings: “Meow!”  “Woof!”

Favorite food:Cookies, of course

Magnetic Monopole


In the SpongeBob Analogy, she is:


But you should also think:

What You Should Think Of When You Think Of Magnetic Monopole


Stuffy Quantum Physicist: There is no such thing as a Magnetic Monopole.  All Magnets are bipolar.

Eta: Tell that to HER.

V8:  By the way, she’s gnawing on your shoe.

Quest For Magnetic Monopoly Makes The News

So You Think You Found Magnetic Monopole

In 2003 scientists think they saw Magnetic Monopole.  NOT!  Beware the hand that feeds you…err, beware the bite of the…uh…just don’t make her mad!

You Have Not Really Found Magnetic Monopoly

In 2009 scientists see an “analogue” of Magnetic Monopole, and they have to look to “spin ice” to do it.   “No way!” says Monopoly.  “In 2009 Spin Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” was just as lame as Vanilla Ice’s, and neither did well Under Pressure.”  [Actually, these quotes sounded like this:  meow, meow, woof! bark!  hssss!  You get the idea.]  No spin ice, no dice.  No Magnetic Monopole.

Will The Real Magnetic Monopoly Please Stand Up

TV’s The Big Bang Theory tried to muscle in on the whole Magnetic Monopolething, but did they look in the right place?  “Pshaw,” says Eta, “they were looking at the poles.  Silly, Monopoly likes it warm and tropical!”  Still, a tv show about physics having an entire episode directed to trying to find our favorite M&M…mmmm, maybe we should even watch it some day.

Just How Do You Make A Magnetic Monopole?

Just What Is A Magnetic Monopole