V838 Monocerotis

Name: v838 Monocerotis

Nickname: V838 Mon

Nickname: V838

Nickname: V8

Nickname: VMon

Known For: Light Echo

Best Friend: Eta Carinae

Favorite food: Mint Milano’s




In the SpongeBob Analogy, he is:Patrick

But you should also think:

When You Think Of V838 Also Think Of

Not to be confused with…

Vroom Vroom V8

Yum Yum V8

V838 Mon was just a little DARLING growing up!

V838 School Pictures

V8 pics (NASA/STScI) Frame (Amazon)

Just type “V838 Monocerotis” into most GPS (Galactic Positioning System) devices for directions to V8’s home…

How To Get To V838 With GPSMap (NASA/STScI)

From Van Gogh to V8

From Van Gogh To V8