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Bringing you only the best that the galaxy has to offer!

You’ll find stuff here that you can’t find anywhere else (really…not even at amazon.com, believe it or not). Educational items. Scientific stuff. Close out items. Things that generally won’t bite (always follow instructions; most products are “as is”; don’t blame us — blame our affiliates). Unique items. Hard-to-find, one-of-a-kind things. And mostly they’re not radioactive.

Think of it as a kind of eBay for the galaxy (you know…”gBay”, which we’d use, but we really don’t want to get sued by eBay), but with fewer rules. Wait, that sounds bad. Not fewer rules, just fewer scruples. Wait, that sounds bad, too. WE’VE got rules and scruples (our lawyers insisted, natch), but our affiliates are another matter. That’s why they’re affiliates…to insulate us from them. We mean, to bring them onto you. Uh, we REALLY mean to make them available to you. That’s it.

So, relax (with a galactic credit card in hand, hopefully…we get a % of all sales through here – cha-ching!) and peruse all that the galaxy has to offer…