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Teaspoon of a Neutron Star


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The proverbial “teaspoon of a neutron star” as used by many educators to illustrate the density and mass of a neutron star to new astronomical initiates. How many of us, when first learning about this astronomical oddity, heard our teacher say something like:  “And a neutron star is so dense that even a teaspoon full of it is as heavy as an entire mountain!”  An entire mountain!  Imagine!

Now this much-loved teaching tool can be yours for the unbelievably low price of $49.99.  How does NEUTRON EMPORIUM keep our prices so low?  Well, as you probably know, there’s lots of neutron stars out there, and each one gives the promise of many, many teaspoonfuls!  So, there’s lots out there…we just have to get it to you!

Which brings up an issue…shipping is by weight.  Each teaspoon weights approximately 10 million tons.  Shipping cost (US mailing address…contact us for non-US destinations) at $1.00/lbs is approximately $20 BILLION dollars.

Shipping will be added to your $49.99 price at check-out.

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Unfortunately, due to PayPal restrictions, we are unable to offer this product at this time through our affiliate.

Details:  For some reason, PayPal chokes on payments exceeding $20 Billion.  (Your total would be $20,000,000,049.99).  Blame PayPal.   Don’t blame us.

Customer Reviews


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0 stars  0 Stars Because This Thing Won’t Ship!,  October 31, 2011

By Neutrons For All (Cleveland,  OH)

Well I tell you it’s a shame QSD and NEUTRON EMPORIUM can’t figure out payment issues involved in shipping.  This could be a great product.  I would love to show this to my 6th grade class (of course, with complete waivers regarding bodily harm signed by their parents).

So, the “0” stars is more of a reflection on the shipping issue than the product.  When you think about it, $20 Billion for a $50 product is quite reasonable when the product is outside of our solar system.  Shame on PayPal.

Oh, and the “other” reviewer, below, is completely out of touch.  Why does QSD allow this cr*p on this site?

No one found this review to be helpful


5 stars Best thing for crushing Giants and Titans, 50,000 B.C.

By Zeus (Mount Olympus)

Sometimes the only way to put a Giant or a Titan down is to throw a mountain on top of them.  Like I did to Typhon. But you know, if there isn’t a mountain nearby, this will do nicely.  It weights about the same, but this fits in a pocket.

Price and shipping are very reasonable.  Highly recommended.