Haven’t you always wanted to be the coolest string theorist on your block?

Or maybe the coolest astronomer?  Cosmologist?  Physicist?

Here’s your chance!  REAL Quantum Spin Doctors STUFF!!!!

Shirts.  Hoodies.  Cut-outs.  Tote bags.  Ties.  iPhone covers.

Yes, it’s a real store.  A Zazzle store.

They make it. You buy it. It’s a great business model (for us).

make custom gifts at Zazzle

Really, we’re not kidding. You can buy this stuff. You can wear this stuff. You can be the idol of all the Quantum-Spin-Doctor-loving world. All two of ’em. (Wait, aren’t there two authors? Uh…never mind…).  Some of the stuff actually isn’t totally cringe-worthy:

And, what’s EVEN BETTER is that there’s more!  Oh yeah, baby!  You don’t like the color?  You can change that at Zazzle.  You like the design, but want it in a tank top?  Oh yeah, you can do that at Zazzle. Of course, we still don’t know what we’re doing, but if you want something that’s not there, just contact us and ask.  We’ll make it and add it to the store.  No prob. So, how do they (Zazzle) do this, anyway?  They promote themselves as “the world’s leading platform for quality custom products” and we suppose that they compete with Cafepress, Vistaprint and the like.  But, still, how do they do it?  Big computers?  Maybe.  Quantum-state particle accelerators?  Maybe, but we have our doubts.  Lots of highly-trained monkeys working night and day with lots of paint and paint brushes?  Again maybe, but the overhead (bananas) would probably be cost-prohibitive.  Still, we wonder…

No, that's not how it's done!

No No No No No! That’s not how it’s done!

How to make Zazzle/QuantumSpinDoctor stuff

We’re pretty sure this is involved somewhere in the process…

We're sure there's a custom designer invovled in the process somewhere...

We like to believe that there’s a custom designer, likely named “Sven,” who is helping on ALL of the Quantum Spin Doctor stuff. It’s really helped triple our sales. You know, three times zero still equals…

Every product is carefully evaluated by a team of professionals

He’s part of a competant and extremely attractive army of designers who analyze every detail, every inch, every stitch of every Quantum Spin Doctor product…

…to ensure that everything is the best it can possibly be!  In the end, however, it’s still Quantum Spin Doctor stuff, however…

See, that Quantum Spin Doctor product is awesome!

“So, do you think they’ll make a sale THIS quarter?” “Nah, but your suit looks fabulous!”