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What starting here might look like

So you think you know science and technology, eh?

Got a couple of engineering degrees, a Ph.D. or two, read the relevant journals, got that subscription to Science Daily.

Well, guess what?  You don’t know SQUAT about science and technology.  Zippo.  Zilch. Nada.

And, actually, neither do we.

But that’s okay, because Eta and V838 know.  And they’re willing to share.

See, Eta and V838 are “not from this world” folk (required reading for back-story:  In the beginning…) who truly take pleasure in humanity’s collective ignorance when it comes to science and technology, at least when compared to their knowledge.  Alright, so we’re not all members of advanced civilizations who long ago bridged the gaps between stars and dimensions (like they have…or like they like to make us think they have), but as a race we’re not intellectual slouches, either.  We do experiments and stuff, and have theories and all, and can explain some of the things that go on around us.

That’s where Quantum Spin Doctors comes in.  You see, while Eta and V838 won’t tell us anything at all about their own advanced technology (not even how they make those delicious popsicles using cold fusion), they will tell us all we want to know about OUR OWN science and technology.  And they’ll do it in their own unique, irreverent way.  Even when we don’t want them to…and even when it’s in bad taste (in fact especially when it’s in bad taste).

Teenage brother and sister duo Malcolm and Serenity Johnson try to keep the reigns on our galactic green-card friends, with limited success.  Most ties are split by the aliens’ trusty pet, Magnetic Monopole (aka M. Monopole or Monopoly or M&M).  It’s a crowded universe out there, so other friends (and non-friends) tend to wander in and out.

In the end this is Eta and V838’s site, regardless of whether or not their journalistic skills have advanced beyond the 6th grade level.  We are just the curators, the little folk behind the curtain, the webmasters that publish the QSDWire, the human bourgeoisie to their extraterrestrial proletariat.

Which also means it’s not our fault.  Any of it.

So there.

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